Top 20 2012 Oconomowoc, WI

*Top 20 Winner

** People’s Choice Award Winner

GCH CH Newcastle’s Picturesque Picasso

GCH CH Dal Primo’s B’Mew Just in Queso

GCH CH Dal Primo Magic Moment*

GCH CH Hollywood

GCH CH Ishana’s Singular Sensation at Leatherneck

GCH CH Ridgetop’s From Russia With Love

GCH CH Kinnslynne-Kimo NW Connection

GCH CH Windovers Hey There Handsome**

GCH CH Highpoint’s Fifth Wheel Don’t Blink

GCH CH Peerless I Am the Love Bug

GCH CH Sumertym Southwind Magic Carpet Ride

GCH CH Zaltana’s For Whom The Bell Tolls

GCH CH Trugrits Muscle Mayhem RN

GCH CH Stealsaheart We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

GCH CH Newcastle’s Blame it On the Sun

GCH CH Ortega’s Chromia More Than Meets the Eye

GCH CH Trugrits Shadyoak Toogoodtobetrue

GCH CH Nambe Hy-Bull Rainmaker CD

GCH CH Bandog’s Brutus of Raven

GCH CH Tnt’s Ground Breaker