Top 20 2008 Olympia, WA

* Top 20 Winner

** People’s Choice Award Winner

CH Blackjack Double Down on Bobeck**

CH Ashlock’s Most Wonderful Time

CH Ishana’s Plat it Again Sam

CH River’s Edge Tauralan Traveler

CH Bastion’s Path Finder*

CH Bastion’s Music in The Glen

CH Bluechip’s Keeper of the Darkwoods

CH Valentine’s Chardonet Tankard

CH Dox Sting Like A Bee

CH Starrdog’s He’s A Player

CH Red Vico’s Woks in Paradise

CH Tarheel’s Turbo Man

CH Brynmar’s Road Warrior

CH Southwind Philadelphia Freedom

CH On-It’s Classic Bentley of Gaffle

CH Beahive’s Vanillie

CH Newcastle’s Semper Fidelis Samson

CH Leatherneck Law N Order Kilroy

CH Leathernecks Stealin’ Hearts