2016 Top 25 Tulsa, OK

*Top 25 Winner

** People’s Choice Award Winner

GCH Dal Primo in 7he Making*

GCH Homesteads Love at First Sight JYF Bulls**

GCH BanstockN Highpoint New Day Bruin at Kimo

GCH Burningwood’sUp and At ‘Em

GCH Dal Primo’sSeventh Samurai

GCH BanstockN Highpoint’s Ours, Yours and Mine

GCH Affinity’s 3-Sheets to the Wind

GCH Lonely Creek’s Bruce Almighty

GCH Spicestar’sZeus’s Thunder

GCH Tracabull’san Evening to Remember at Justice CGC

GCH Showgirls MudgeeJones

GCH Sherman’s Scorched Earth Folly

GCH Newcastle’s Blame it on the Sun

GCH Dal Primo the Jester of NV

GCH Bastion’s Keeper of the Flame at IvystoneCGC

GCH Gaffle’sMot JusteHermes

GCH DomersEtched Red Ruby

GCH Far Isle the Wizard of Bullrinkle

GCH Nambe N Essex Beef Kabob From Windover

GCH Capella’s We R Who We R V Legends

GCH Newcastle’s Standing Ovation

GCH Bandog’sRaphael of Purvana

GCH Highpoint N Tondra’sHot Topic RN

GCH Johari’s He’s All he Money on Wallstreet

GCH Nix Diamond’s are a Girls Best Friend