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All Committees

Committees shall report their progress and activities to the Secretary by the requested dates. Committees shall file an annual financial activities report unless required by the committee’s standing rule to file more often.

Committees shall contact the President for advice if needed.

The general membership may form a committee of the Whole during Annual or Semi-Annual meetings, as provided for in Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised and nominate and elect the nomination committee at the Semi-Annual meeting as provided for in the Association’s constitution. The assembly at either of these meetings may direct the staffing of such committee. Such committee is a committee of the Board and subject to the Board’s direction and/or dismissal. The Board of Directors shall not abnegate its responsibility under the constitution and Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, to form and manage Association committees.

Membership Committee

The Chairperson of the ABA Membership Committee will work with the ABA Treasurer to process membership applications and renewal applications during the annual renewal period and during the course of the association year. The ABA Treasurer will serve as the liaison between the Membership Committee and the ABA Board of Directors. Applications and renewals will be received by the Treasurer and once payment is processed, the forms will be forwarded to the Membership Chairperson.

The Membership committee shall abide by these Board approved guidelines for processing applications in conjunction with the Treasurer. Any changes to the membership application form and renewal form must be approved by the Board. Committee expenditures shall be forwarded to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

New members will receive notification of their membership in the ABA from the Membership Committee along with other information as approved by the Board.

The Membership Chairperson shall prepare and maintain a current membership list. This list shall be sent to the ABA Newsletter Editor for publication annually.  According the ABA By Laws, all applicants for membership will be published in the newsletter, as will the names of those who have been accepted for membership, so the Membership Chairperson will submit current lists to the ABA Newsletter Editor prior to the publication of the Newsletter.

The Membership Chairperson shall prepare and furnish a current mailing list in a timely manner upon request of the President, Secretary, Bulletin Editor, Archives Editor and Newsletter Editor. The Secretary will request mailing labels for other committee’s legitimate needs.

The Membership Chairperson shall, upon notice by the Secretary, notify the sponsors of a prospective applicant whose application has been contested. The sponsors may then have the option to continue with the process or withdraw their names as sponsors of the proposed applicant. The sponsors are to be notified prior to the applicant’s notification of contestation.

The Chairperson of the Membership Committee will oversee the roles of the Regional Membership Representatives (Membership Committee) as outlined herein and as further assigned by the Board. The Chairperson will notify the Board of resignations or changes in the status of members, so that the committee consists of representatives as determined by the Board in cooperation with the Membership Committee.  Representatives are currently in place from the following regions: East, Midwest, Northwest, South, Southwest, and West.

Regional Membership Representatives will aid the Membership Chair in duties defined by the Board, including: 1) serving as contacts for new applicants within their regions; 2) gathering membership information and keeping names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses current; 3) helping with phone or email renewal reminders for those members in their region as necessary.

The American Bullmastiff Association is a private club and has the right to accept or reject a membership application at its discretion for what it considers cause. (LAW 6/08)