Membership Application

The American Bullmastiff Association
If you have questions, please contact the ABA Membership Chair: Donna Pendleton

IMPORTANT: Please read guidelines of the application.
I herewith apply for membership in the American Bullmastiff Association. I am in good standing with the American Kennel Club. I agree to abide by the ABA Constitution, By-Laws, Standing Rules, and the rules of the American Kennel Club. I further agree that I will not sell, consign, or donate dogs to commercial wholesalers or retailers, or to auction/raffle of any type, and will not aid and/or abet in the sale of dogs from such persons or establishments.

I shall endeavor to protect and advance the interests of the Breed, and to act in a sportsmanlike manner at dog shows and other sanctioned events.

I agree to breed responsibly, and to make immediate accommodations to retrieve or make fiscal arrangements for the care and housing of any dog that is a result of my breeding program that is in need of assistance for any reason, whether the dog in need is the get of a bitch I own(ed) or co-own(ed) and bred, or of a stud dog I own(ed) or co-own(ed) and allowed to be used in a breeding program.

I will not allow any dog under my/our control to be used or sold for the purpose of cross breeding or dog fighting.

Conduct considered prejudicial to the best interest of the Association, the breed, or violation of the terms and conditions of this application can or will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Association’s Constitution, By-Laws, Standing Rules, and Roberts Rules of Order.

The American Bullmastiff Association, Inc. is a private club and has the right to accept or reject a membership at its discretion for what it considers cause.

I agree to hold the American Bullmastiff Association and its officers and directors harmless from any and all claims resulting from such disciplinary actions providing that their actions are in accordance with the Association’s Constitution, By-Laws, Standing Rules, and Roberts Rules of Order.

**If this application is for a joint membership, each applicant must fill out a separate application.

If your membership application is not approved – the ABA will refund your application fee and dues within 30 days of notification of same. The process of joining the American Bullmastiff Club may take as long as 4 months, depending on when your application is received.

The ABA Newsletter is published every other month starting with February. In order to become a member of the ABA, you must be published as an applicant in the Newsletter. If there are no objections to your application, you will receive notification of your status within 30 days after publication and will start to receive publications thereafter. Your name will be published in the following Newsletter as a new member.

Your application will not be included if it is incomplete or the payment is incorrect. You will be notified by the Membership Chair to make the necessary corrections. Members being proposed in the October, December, and February Newsletters must pay a full year dues. Members being
proposed in the April, June, and August Newsletter should pay only one-half years dues.

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive your membership renewal notice yearly, due by November 1. Those members who have paid half years dues up to and including August will be responsible for a full year’s payment due on November 1.

Single Membership $45.00 Single Membership $27.50
*Joint Membership $65.00 Joint Membership $42.50
Junior Membership $30.00 Junior Membership $20.00
Senior Membership (65+) $30.00 Senior Membership $20.00(single or joint)
*Joint members must live in the same household. Please fill out a separate application
All prices include the one time initiation fee.

No additional postage within the 50 United States.
$10.00 additional postage for Canada.
$25.00 additional postage for all other countries.

To be eligible for Junior Membership status, the applicant must be over 9 years of age
and less than 18 years of age at the time of the application. Junior Membership carries no
voting privileges and is not considered when determining a quorum. Should a Junior
Member turn 18 during a fiscal year (November – October), he/she will automatically
become a regular member without additional fees or dues. The Junior Member should
inform the Membership Chair upon reaching 18 years of age.

To be eligible for Senior Membership status the applicant must be over 65 years of age.
In the case of joint applications, one member must be 65 or over.