ABA Statement of Beliefs

American Bullmastiff Association Statement of Beliefs

We believe breeding Bullmastiffs brings a responsibility, an obligation, and a duty to do what is best for the dog throughout its life.

We believe breeding for type, temperament, and health are paramount and inseparable.

We believe improving the health of all Bullmastiffs is an unwavering commitment and we strongly recommend performing the necessary health testing before any breeding and supporting health research initiatives.

We believe in finding forever homes for every dog we breed and therefore will not sell, consign, or donate dogs to commercial wholesalers or retailers, or to auction/raffle of any type, and will not aid and/or abet in the sale of dogs from such persons or establishments.

We believe breeding responsibly requires our commitment to aid in the care and housing of any dog that is a result of our breeding program.

We believe the care and housing for those dogs bred by non-members and abandoned by their owners are still our responsibility, and are cared for by our supported rescue organizations.

We believe in being honest, truthful, and fair in all our dealings.

We believe the Bullmastiff asks only to be as much of the family as possible. He will reward such treatment with devotion and friendship not exceeded by any breed.

Alan kalter