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Committees shall report their progress and activities to the Secretary by the requested dates. Committees shall file an annual financial activity report unless required by the committee’s standing rule to file more often.

Committees shall contact the President for advice if needed.

The general membership may form a committee of the Whole during Annual or Semi-Annual meetings, as provided for in Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised and nominate and elect the nomination committee at the Semi-Annual meeting as provided for in the Association’s constitution. The assembly at either of these meetings may direct the staffing of such committee. Such committee is a committee of the Board and subject to the Board’s direction and/or dismissal. The Board of Directors shall not abnegate its responsibility under the constitution and Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, to form and manage Association committees.


The Information Chairperson is to rent a post office box.

Judges and judging applicants who request breed information are to be given the current ABA Handbook.

The Information Chairperson shall mail information at no cost in response to puppy inquiries and breed information. The Information Chairperson shall send the standard, current breeders list, rescue, pamphlet information flyer and resource list.

No personal opinions or recommendations may be expressed.