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Committees shall report their progress and activities to the Secretary by the requested dates. Committees shall file an annual financial activity report unless required by the committee’s standing rule to file more often.

Committees shall contact the President for advice if needed.

The general membership may form a committee of the Whole during Annual or Semi-Annual meetings, as provided for in Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised and nominate and elect the nomination committee at the Semi-Annual meeting as provided for in the Association’s constitution. The assembly at either of these meetings may direct the staffing of such committee. Such committee is a committee of the Board and subject to the Board’s direction and/or dismissal. The Board of Directors shall not abnegate its responsibility under the constitution and Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, to form and manage Association committees.

Judges Education

  1. The Judges Education committee shall be a standing committee of the Board consisting of three to six members. Members serve at the Board’s discretion.
  1. Members must be in good standing with the ABA, have owned bullmastiffs for at least ten years, have bred four bullmastiff litters and have bred ten bullmastiff champions. Members should also have exhibiting experience as well. In lieu of breeding experience, on the recommendation of the JEC Committee, a member with a 10-year involvement who has exhibited outstanding knowledge of the breed and dedication to the club, and has otherwise demonstrated that they would be instrumental in furthering the goals of the committee, will also be considered by the Board. The committee should have good geographic representation to allow for the planning of and the participation in sanctioned breed seminars.
  1. The Board shall appoint the Chairperson. He/she shall also be the Association’s Judges Education coordinator. The Secretary shall notify the AKC as soon as possible if there is a change in the Chairperson.
  1. All material developed by the Judges Education committee is subject to Board approval. The Chairperson shall make quarterly reports to the Board regarding the committee’s work, that is; the number of seminars held, judging inquiries, etc. These reports will also be published in the Association Newsletter to update members as to the committee’s work.
  1. The Judges Education Chairperson is responsible for contacting the AKC for the names of prospective judging applicants and when a sanctioned seminar is scheduled, notifying the AKC to obtain a free listing in their education section.
  1. The committee shall prepare and present to the Board a packet of breed information to be sent to prospective judges. This packet will include the standard, information on breed history, shows with major bullmastiff entries, the ABA mentor list and a listing of sanctioned seminars.
  1. The committee will also develop a breed seminar format so that uniform information can be disseminated throughout the country. The committee will also designate qualified mentors (see #2) to assist with education efforts, particularly at national specialties. Every effort should also be made to increase prospective judge’s attendance at national specialties.
  1. The Judges Education Chairperson shall survey all AKC approved Bullmastiff judges via the most economical means in every even numbered year to ascertain whether or not they wish to receive the Bulletin.
  1. The Judges Education Chairperson shall maintain mailing list and mail free of charge each issue via bulk mail postage rates to all AKC approved Bullmastiff judges who have stated they wish to receive the Bulletin. (rev. 11/09 LN)