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All Committees

Committees shall report their progress and activities to the Secretary by the requested dates. Committees shall file an annual financial activity report unless required by the committee’s standing rule to file more often.

Committees shall contact the President for advice if needed.

The general membership may form a committee of the Whole during Annual or Semi-Annual meetings, as provided for in Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised and nominate and elect the nomination committee at the Semi-Annual meeting as provided for in the Association’s constitution. The assembly at either of these meetings may direct the staffing of such committee. Such committee is a committee of the Board and subject to the Board’s direction and/or dismissal. The Board of Directors shall not abnegate its responsibility under the constitution and Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, to form and manage Association committees.

Bulletin -General Policies and Procedures

1. The Chairperson of the Bulletin committee, also termed the Bulletin Editor, and all other members of the Bulletin committee, shall serve until replaced by majority vote of the Board of Directors. All decisions regarding the Bulletin, its committee staff, its contents, publication and distribution will be decided by the ABA Board Of Directors.

2. This volunteer position of Bulletin Editor should be filled by someone with desktop publishing ability and equipment if possible, and all efforts should be made to save on expenses.

3. The Board may designate one of its officers/directors as a liaison to the Bulletin Editor. This Board designated liaison shall work cooperatively with the Editor and manage all communication between the Editor and Board. Additionally, the liaison should reasonably support the Editor in finding solutions to any existing or potential problems.

4. The Board of Directors shall review (with input provided by the Editor) and set all advertising, photo return, and subscription rates and policies at the first Board meeting of the calendar year and any revised rates or policies shall be published in the subsequent Summer issue and shall be effective with the subsequent Winter issue.

5. Advertisements of dogs, stud services, etc. of Bullmastiffs from non-members of the Association shall be excluded.

6. Reference to the Association Handbook or Illustrated Standard in advertisements of Bullmastiffs is prohibited.

7. Payment must accompany advertisements. No charge accounts are to be allowed.

8. ABA members in good standing may submit for any AKC or CKC All-Breed Best In Show win (All Breed BIS wins from any other country require Board approval) one photo per dog in the next printing of the Bulletin following the win. Text included will be dog’s name, date, kennel club, breed judge’s name, group judge’s name, BIS judge’s name, owner’s name(s), breeder’s name(s), and handler’s name. If multiple BIS wins are obtained before the next printing of the Bulletin, text for all wins will be included, but only one photo. Any additional BIS wins obtained after the previous printing of the Bulletin will be accepted according to the rules stated above.

9. ABA approved events shall be provided a 1/2 page ad free of charge if the Editor has this space available. If a 1/2 page is not available or the regional club wishes to purchase a full page or more of advertising, they will receive a 50% discount off the regular breeder advertising rates.

10. Board of Directors shall share with and seek input from Editor on any proposed changes that will affect the Bulletin.

11. Editor shall be reimbursed all reasonable out of pocket expenses associated with the production of the Bulletin and/or its mailing lists. Any unusual expenses should be discussed first and before committed to by the Editor and with the Board designated liaison or Board of Directors.

12. Editor and each Bulletin committee volunteer shall receive one free page of advertising per Bulletin issue (excludes front cover, back cover, or any other premium positioning). (07/07 LAW)

Bulletin Editor Requirements

1. Editor shall, at his/her discretion, solicit volunteers for the Bulletin committee and to help with Bulletin functions as designated by the Editor. It is recommended by the Board of Directors that a minimum of two volunteers assist the Editor with Bulletin responsibilities. The Editor shall clearly define and assign all roles and responsibilities between him/herself and their committee, in writing. The Editor shall be responsible for all functions, whether performed by him/herself or a committee volunteer.

2. Editor maintains a December 1st April 1st and August 1st deadline. Every effort should be made to mail on or as close as possible to the 15th of each specified month.

3. Editor shall maintain an advertising deadline schedule based on a mailing date of the 15th of each specified month and builds in allowances for minimal organizational, technological, personal or other events which may create unanticipated delays.

4. Editor shall obtain estimates from not less than three printing establishments at least once every two years. Editor should obtain estimates from printers in varied geographic regions. Estimates, along with commentary from Editor with pros and cons related to printers and/or their quotes should be sent to the Board designated liaison or Board of Directors. The Board designated liaison or Board of Directors and Editor shall determine which printer to utilize, using their best judgment based on pricing, turnaround time, quality, and level of interest from printer, so that the overall intent of having the Bulletin be a “no-cost” endeavor to the ABA is maintained.

5. Editor maintains relationships with printer and Lettershop, including setting up scheduling and verifying proofs, printing, mailing.

6. Editor maintains an 8 1/2″ x 11″ format with 80 lb. coated text stock for inside pages with one color printing, 100 lb. coated (one side) cover stock for cover, four color printing on coated side, one color on inside cover. Binding discretionary based on number of pages.

7. Editor maintains bulk mail postal rates.

8. Editor shall send a written report two weeks before the printing of each issue of the Bulletin to the Board designated liaison or Board of Directors, summarizing the status and current schedule of the Bulletin in creation. Any potential delays or other problems should be conveyed immediately and without waiting for the next report.

9. Editor may request reasonable cash advances for out of pocket expenses (request should be made to the Board designated liaison or Treasurer). Actual expenses, along with copies of receipts, (minus advances) should be submitted on the appropriate “request for payment” form and mailed or faxed to the Treasurer (along with the Board designated liaison, if applicable). The Treasurer shall reimburse Editor no later than 15 days of receipt of the request.

10. Editor shall send all 3rd party invoices via mail or fax to the Treasurer (along with the Board designated liaison, if applicable). The Treasurer shall send payments by invoice due date along with copies of the invoices directly to 3 rd party. The Treasurer shall also notify, via email, the Editor (along with the Board designated liaison, if applicable) of the check numbers, payment dates, and amounts.

11. Editor shall forward all Bulletin revenue to the Treasurer at least once monthly. Editor shall maintain an accounting of all revenue on “reconciliation of revenue” form and mail or fax to the Treasurer (along with the Board designated liaison, if applicable) when all receipts for a Bulletin issue have been received.

12. Editor shall request ABA membership mailing list and total member count from membership chair two weeks prior to submission to printer (it should be expected that membership chair will provide mailing list via e-mail within two weeks from requested date).

13. Editor shall print no more than 100 copies more than the ABA membership mailing lists.

14. Editor shall place advertisements in the Bulletin at his/her artistic discretion while using good judgment and maintaining fairness to all advertisers. Whenever feasible, ads should be placed in the order they are received.

15. Any special, unusual, out of the ordinary requests that require more than the “typical” amount of Editor’s time per page are at the discretion of the Editor to reject or charge accordingly, with the advertiser’s approval. Editor shall use good judgment related to making a reasonable effort to satisfy advertiser.

16. Editor places ad in each issue offering additional single copies, subscriptions, and back issues for sale.

17. Editor offers full-page advertisers the opportunity to purchase additional Bulletins at a discount of 50% off the regular single copy price.

18. Editor offers the front cover of each December issue as advertising space to that year’s ABA National Specialty best of breed winner for the price set by the Board of Directors. The front cover shall not be offered as advertising space in any April or August issue of the Bulletin nor shall it be offered in the December issue to promote any Bullmastiff other than the ABA National Specialty best of breed winner as stated above.

19. Editor regularly solicits both breeder and commercial ads via e-mail or phone calls. Editor shall consult with the Board designated liaison or Board of Directors should there be any question as to suitability of the advertising.

20. Editor regularly solicits from all regional Bullmastiff clubs, both sanctioned and unsanctioned, Bullmastiff event dates, reports, and contact information and prints free of charge in “Club Reports” or “Regional Clubs” sections of each issue.

21. Editor regularly solicits and prints free of charge regional and national specialty results and critiques in the first issue following the event, where practicable.

22. Editor solicits and prints free of charge in each issue all new champion, obedience, tracking, and agility titles from AKC AWARDS. New champions and new obedience, tracking, and agility titlist advertisements shall be accepted at one half the regular price on a one-time per dog basis. Photographs shall become the property of the ABA Archives. The above statements shall be listed on the Publisher’s page of each Bulletin.

23. Editor solicits at his/her discretion, photograph and story of either a noteworthy Bullmastiff deceased not less than 5 years, noteworthy artwork, or other noteworthy story and prints photograph on front cover along with story text on inside page only if an advertiser has not already committed/paid for the front cover space. Editor shall consult with the Board designated liaison or Board of Directors should there be any question as to suitability of the Bullmastiff, artwork, or story selected.

24. Editor regularly solicits and prints articles/features at the rate of no more than one page per 5 pages of paid advertisements. Articles/features are chosen at the discretion of the Editor. Editor shall consult with their Board designated liaison or Board of Directors should there be any question as to the suitability of any article/feature selected. No article/feature shall include any opinion on veterinary matters by a non-veterinarian without a serious disclaimer.
Additionally, the Health and Research Committee is encouraged to submit an article in each Bulletin issue. The Board designated liaison or Board of Directors, not the Editor, will approve any Health and Research committee articles prior to publication.

25. Editor shall send copies of each Bulletin issue as follows: one copy to the American Kennel Club library, one copy to each foreign Bullmastiff club, three copies to the ABA Archives.

26. Editor shall send all extra copies of each Bulletin issue to the Rescue chairperson to be sold in the future as a set of 3 issues (1 year sets) or to be sold as single copies to generate income for the ABA or Rescue.

27. Editor shall return photo(s) mailed first class and within two weeks of date issue is printed
(7/07 LAW)