2017 Top 25 Boxborough, MA

*Top 25 Winner

** People’s Choice Award Winner

GCHG CH Dal Primo in 7he Making

GCHG CH Banstock N Highpoint New Day Bruin At Kimo

GCHG CH Affinity’s 3-sheets To The Wind CA

GCHB CH T-Boldt’s To Protect And Serve**

GCHB CH Aspire’s Awakened One CGCA CGCU

GCHS CH Bastion’s Keeper Of The Flame At Iveystone CGC

GCHB CH JYF Bull’s Argentina Vulkano

GCHG CH Dal Primo’s Seventh Samurai

GCHS CH Showgirls Mudgee Jones

GCHG CH Nambe N Essex Beef Kabob From Windover

GCHS CH Icon N Gaffle’s Domestic Goddess

GCH CH Ishana Kerberos Guardian Of The Way CGCA

GCHB CH Banstock And Highpoint’s Ours Yours And Mine RN CGC

GCHB CH Valentine’s Redbull Maxwell

GCHB CH Bramstoke Fairycrane Of Garden

GCHB CH Greta Master Of The Night

GCHS CH Marconian N Ridgetop’s Thunder Road*

GCHG CH Homesteads Love At First Sight JYF Bulls

GCHG CH Tracabull’s AN Evening To Remember At Justice CGC

GCHS CH Sherman’s Scorched Earth Folly

GCH CH Mindseye Journey To River Regions

GCH CH Boundless Carpe Diem

GCHB CH River Haven’s Dal Primo Bohemian Rhapsody CGC

GCHB CH Bullstock’s Amazing Grace

GCHG CH Dal Primo The Jester Of Nv